Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hello everyone,

Welcome to the SoHo Experiential Blog, your source for unique insight and news about SoHo.

We may have some marketing insight to share, or we may just tell you about a hot new bar that we think you should try. Once in a while we’ll share a story about a great event we’ve produced, or a horror story we’ve… ahem… been responsible for. In general, however, we will endeavor to keep you abreast of what is going on in the world of SoHo. [Or, at least the meanderings going on in our collective heads]

We are inviting all key stakeholders to follow our blog. So, if you are a SoHo team member (staff, market manager, promo teams, ambassadors, and tour managers), a client, a prospective client, family member, friend or really smart pet, we encourage you to join us and read along.

We will strive to provide cutting edge info, hysterical jokes and life-altering insight. That may be aiming pretty high but it’ll be better than a free “Three Wolves Howling at the Moon T-Shirt” (see below).

For your chuckle of the day, please click or copy the link below and read a few of the reviews for the 3 Wolf TEE pictured above.

Stay tuned for more



  1. Dude- how funny are those reviews!!!
    I imagine they've actually SOLD because of them, and so now I'm starting to think about how I can do that for some other product!